Breadboard Arduino (breadboarduino)

HobbyTronics Breadboard Arduino (breadboarduino)
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We all love the Arduino UNO, but a lot of the time we also need a breadboard to hold the components, sensors etc which we are connecting up to the Arduino board for our prototype project. So why not combine the two? What we have here then is the breadboarduino.

Arduino breadboarduinoThe breadboarduino comes as a kit which is easy to put together. You get

830 point breadboard
Atmel ATmega328 chip with Arduino bootloader installed
Sparkfun Breakout Board for FT232RL USB to Serial
Male headers for USB to Serial Board
16MHz crystal and 2x 22pF capacitors
Reset Switch
0.1uF capacitor
LED and 220 ohm resistor
10K ohm pullup resistor
Hook up wire

In fact, all the parts required to build the board as shown left.

The breadboarduino has self resetting like the UNO does, so to program it you simply need to connect it to your computer's USB port and click the upload button within the Arduino IDE.



Note: if you get errors in the Arduino IDE when programming the microcontroller, you may need to change the FT232RL board to 5V operation. To do this see here


Breadboarduino Instructions
ATmega328 Pinout


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Breadboard Arduino (breadboarduino)
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Breadboard Arduino (breadboarduino)
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