4 Channel 5V Relay Module 10A

4 Channel 5V Relay Module 10A
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4 Channel 5V Relay Module 10A

This small 4 Channel Relay Board works from a 5V supply for the relays and between 1V and 5V for the switching signal. It uses a transistor and opto-isolator to switch the relay on so can be connected directly to a microcontroller pin.

Switches up to 10Amps. Rated at up to 250V


Pin Connection
VCC 5V Supply for relay switching.
IN1 Logic Input for Relay 1
IN2 Logic Input for Relay 2
IN3 Logic Input for Relay 3
IN4 Logic Input for Relay 4
COM Logic Ground


  • Comes fully assembled
  • 4 independently controlled relays
  • Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT)
  • Supports any microcontroller or TTL signal. 3.3V and 5V supported.
  • Relay current consumption at 5V is 75mA each when switched on
  • LED Power Indicator
  • LED indicator for each channel
  • On-board switching transistor.
  • On-board back EMF protection.
  • Easy 1 wire drive.
  • Size 76mm long x 55mm wide x 17mm high
  • 4 Mounting holes


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4 Channel 5V Relay Module 10A
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4 Channel 5V Relay Module 10A
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