NXP mbed - LPC1768 Development Board

NXP NXP mbed - LPC1768 Development Board
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Model: LPC1768
Manufacturer: NXP
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NXP mbed - LPC1768 Development Board combines the powerful 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 processor with a comprehensive set of peripherals and a USB programming and communication interface provided in a small and practical DIP package. The mbed is a super-easy-to-use rapid prototyping tool built on industry standard technology.

The mbed Microcontroller is made for prototyping, and comes in a 40-pin 0.1" pitch DIP form-factor so it's ideal for experimenting on breadboards, stripboards and PCBs. It supports lots of interfaces including USB, SPI, I2C CAN, ethernet, and serial. And downloading programs is as simple as using a USB Flash Drive. Plug it in, drop on your program binary, and you're up and running!

The compiler is web-based, so it works on Mac, Windows, and Linux, and it allows you to write programs in C++. You'll also have access to the mbed libraries, which give you an API-driven approach to using the many functions of the microcontroller.


The mbed microcontroller comes with a unique serial number on the box. Do not discard as this is needed to use the online compiler

Features of the NXP mbed:

  • Convenient form-factor: 40-pin DIP, 0.1-inch pitch
  • Drag-and-drop programming, with the board represented as a USB drive
  • Best-in-class Cortex-M3 hardware:
    • 100 MHz ARM with 64 KB of SRAM, 512 KB of Flash
    • Ethernet, USB OTG
    • SPI, I2C, UART, CAN
  • Easy-to-use online tools:
    • Web-based C/C++ programming environment
    • Uses the ARM RealView compile engine
    • API-driven development using libraries with intuitive interfaces
    • Comprehensive help and online community

Dimensions: 44mm x 26mm

Documents relating to the NXP mbed LPC1768 :

mbed NXP LPC1768
mbed handbook
mbed LPC1768 Datasheet


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NXP mbed - LPC1768 Development Board
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NXP mbed - LPC1768 Development Board
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NXP mbed - LPC1768 Development Board
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