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1. Introduction
2. Frame
3. Mounting the Batteries
4. Mounting the Electronics
5. Speed Controllers
6. Motors and Propellers
7. Radio Control System
8. UAV Flight Controller and Sensors
9. Flight Video's
10. Summary and Lessons Learned
AeroQuad Website
Simon K Firmware for ESC's
Ultrasonic Sensors on a Multi-Copter

Modified Aeroquad Software for UAV board and sensors

Radio Control Unit

The Radio Control used is a standard 6-channel unit purchased from Hobby King. There is nothing special about this unit apart from the fact that we have replaced the variable resistor on channel 6 with a switch. This switch is used to activate Altitude Hold in the UAV software.

So we have four analog joystick channels for throttle, roll, pitch and yaw. Then we have two channels with toggle switches.

One toggle switch changes between acrobatic and level mode, and the other activates the Altitude hold.

A 6 channel radio is really the minimum requirement and leaves no free channels for activation of a video/still camera

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