MQ-3 Alcohol Gas Sensor

MQ-3 Alcohol Gas Sensor
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The MQ-3 Alcohol Gas Sensor is a semiconductor gas sensor that detects the presence of Alcohol gas at concentrations from 0.05 mg/L to 10 mg/L, a range suitable for making a breathalyser. The sensor’s simple analog voltage interface requires only one analog input pin from your microcontroller.

The MQ-3 Alcohol Gas Sensor detects the concentration of Alcohol gas in the air and ouputs its reading as an analog voltage. The concentration sensing range is 0.05 mg/L to 10 mg/L. The sensor can operate at temperatures from -10 to 50°C and consumes less than 150 mA at 5 V.


Connecting five volts across the heating (H) pins keeps the sensor hot enough to function correctly. Connecting five volts at either the A or B pins causes the sensor to emit an analog voltage on the other pins. A resistive load between the output pins and ground sets the sensitivity of the detector.The resistive load should be calibrated for your particular application using the equations in the datasheet, but a good starting value for the resistor is 20 kΩ.


MQ-3 Datasheet


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MQ-3 Alcohol Gas Sensor
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