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Teensy Teensy 3.6
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Teensy 3.6

Version 3.6 of the superb Teensy range features a 32 bit 180 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 processor with floating point unit. All digital and analog pins are 3.3 volts.

Do not apply more than 3.3V to any signal pin.

All Teensy boards are shipped assembled (without headers) and fully tested.

The pin assignments of the Teensy 3.6 have been designed to preserve compatibility with the 28 breadboard-friendly pins of prior Teensy 3.x models.  All 28 of these pins support the same features as the older models.

Teensy 3.6 and Teensy 3.2 pin compatability

Features of Teensy 3.6:

  • 180 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 with Floating Point Unit
  • 1M Flash, 256K RAM, 4K EEPROM
  • Microcontroller Chip MK66FX1M0VMD18 (PDF link)
  • USB High Speed (480 Mbit/sec) Port (micro USB socket)
  • 2 CAN Bus Ports
  • 32 General Purpose DMA Channels
  • 22 PWM Outputs
  • 4 I2C Ports
  • 11 Touch Sensing Inputs
  • 62 I/O Pins (42 breadboard friendly)
  • 25 Analog Inputs to 2 ADCs with 13 bits resolution
  • 2 Analog Outputs (DACs) with 12 bit resolution
  • USB Full Speed (12 Mbit/sec) Port
  • Ethernet mac, capable of full 100 Mbit/sec speed
  • Native (4 bit SDIO) micro SD card port
  • I2S Audio Port, 4 Channel Digital Audio Input & Output
  • 14 Hardware Timers
  • Cryptographic Acceleration Unit
  • Random Number Generator
  • CRC Computation Unit
  • 6 Serial Ports (2 with FIFO & Fast Baud Rates)
  • 3 SPI Ports (1 with FIFO)
  • Real Time Clock

More I/O pins are available at small surface mount pads on the back side.  The 6th serial port, 4th I2C port and 3rd SPI port are on these pins.  They're not as easy to access as the main 42 through-hole pins on the outside edge, but for projects where you really need access to a huge number of I/O signals or those extra communication ports, these boards do give you a way to access them (but keep the board to a reasonably small "Teensy" size).

Teensy 3.6 has a second USB port which is capable of 480 Mbit/sec speed.  It's intended to used in USB host mode, so you can connect USB devices like a keyboard or memory stick.  This USB port is accessed using 5 pins, which are compatible with the commonly available internal PC cables for USB.

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Teensy 3.6
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Teensy 3.6
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Teensy 3.6
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Teensy 3.6
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Teensy 3.6
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