ArduLog-RTC Data Logger

HobbyTronics ArduLog-RTC Data Logger
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ArduLog-RTC Data Logger

We manufacturer this product ourselves and (due to a serious illness of our technical support person that assembles and programs our products) cannot supply at this time.
Please accept our apologies for the frustration this may cause.

This is an enhanced version of our Ardulog Data Logger V3 board. We have added a Real Time Clock and battery backup to make this a standalone micro-SD card data logger with real time clock functionality. Of course, being an Arduino based board, you can use it and program it with the Arduino IDE for any other purpose.

The Ardulog-RTC comes with an ATmega328 chip and the Arduino UNO bootloader installed so you can use it as a standalone Arduino board with built-in microSD card adapter and Real Time Clock functionality. 

To make it even more useful we have added connection pins for the popular Dallas DS18B20 Temperature Sensor. So to make a standalone Temperature data logger you only have to add one of these little IC's. The Ardulog-RTC code includes the functionality for reading from this device.

Each unit is fully tested


  • ATmega328 running at 16MHz / 3.3V
  • Quality Molex microSD socket for long lasting connections
  • 4x mounting holes (2mm diameter)
  • Two LEDs indicate status
  • Input voltage from 3.3V to 6V
  • Ardulog runs at 3.3V but all pins are 5V tolerant
  • Reprogrammable ATmega328 using the Arduino IDE.
  • Arduino UNO Bootloader installed
  • DS1338 Real Time Clock with battery backup. CR1225 battery suppllied
  • Datalogging Sensor input connections
    • Up to 4 Analog Input pins for logging analog signals (Arduino pins A0 thro A3)
    • 3 Digital input pins D2, D3, D4
    • I2C pins SDA and SCL
    • SPI
    • RX/TX Serial
    • Dallas DS18B20 input pins
  • Board size: 44mm x 25mm

Basic Connections

In order to program the Ardulog-RTC board you need a serial TTL connection. We recommend the Sparkfun FTDI basic board as this is pin compatable with the six pins on the left of the board. Select Arduino UNO as the board type within the Arduino IDE software.

Setting the RTC Clock

The clock comes preset to the correct UK time (approximately). With the Ardulog-RTC software installed you can set the clock date and time using the Arduino Serial Monitor program (or a similar terminal program) set to 9600 baud. Send the date/time by sending a command in the format..

   date DD/MM/YY HH:MM:SS


As it stands, the Ardulog-RTC software logs the date and time to the microSD card. You will need to modify the code to log the data that you want to record.

The Ardulog-RTC software setup is controlled by a config file on the microSD card (config.txt). This config file contains three pieces of information, the baud rate setting, the log filename prefix and the interval between data logging. Comments can be added to the config file and an example is shown below

   // Config file for Ardulog
   BAUD  4800   // Baud rate
   FILE  LOG    // file name prefix
   SECONDS 30   // seconds between data read/write to file
   // end of file

Ardulog reads this file at bootup, sets the baud rate and opens a log file which consists of the filename prefix and a sequence number. The sequence number is incremented automatically at each bootup



If you wish to log Analog inputs or to connect to I2C and SPI devices, the Ardulog-RTC code is easily modified. Be aware that as the Ardulog board runs at 3.3V, the maximum analog voltage it can measure is 3.3V. Higher inputs will need to be scaled down using a resistor divider.


Ardulog-RTC Schematic
Ardulog-RTC Software Download


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ArduLog-RTC Data Logger
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ArduLog-RTC Data Logger
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ArduLog-RTC Data Logger
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ArduLog-RTC Data Logger
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