ArduLog Data Logger V3

HobbyTronics ArduLog Data Logger V3
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ArduLog Data Logger V3

The Ardulog comes with an ATmega328 chip with the Arduino UNO bootloader installed so you can use it as a standalone Arduino board with built-in microSD card adapter. Of course, it is designed for datalogging and we offer it with either the Sparkfun Openlog software pre-installed or our own Ardulog Data Logging Software.

This is our own version of Sparkfun's Openlog Data Logger. We wanted a slightly different design so we have made our own, whilst still being 100% software compatible.

This is the new Version 3 board which retains the same form factor of the previous board but uses a slightly different micro-SD card holder. This has also allowed us to break out even more pins from the ATmega328 chip. These additional pins allow the connection of analog and digital sensors and other devices to make an ideal standalone data logging board.

The serial and power connections match with the Sparkfun FTDI basic board, so you can plug it straight in to program it.

Each unit is fully tested


  • ATmega328 running at 16MHz / 3.3V
  • Quality Molex microSD socket for long lasting connections
  • 100% compatable with Sparkfun Openlog software
  • 4x mounting holes (2mm diameter)
  • Two LEDs indicate status
  • Input voltage from 3.3V to 6V
  • Ardulog runs at 3.3V but all pins are 5V tolerant
  • Reprogrammable ATmega328 using the Arduino IDE.
  • Arduino UNO Bootloader installed
  • Datalogging Sensor input connections
    • Up to 6 Analog Input pins for logging analog signals (Arduino pins A0 thro A5)
    • 3 Digital input pins D2, D3, D4
    • I2C pins SDA and SCL (on analog pins A4, A5)
    • SPI
    • RX/TX Serial
  • Board size: 30mm x 25mm

Basic Connections

To get the Ardulog up and running using our Ardulog software or the Sparkfun Openlog software, all you need is to connect the GND and +5V pins to a suitable supply and then connect the RX input pin to the device you are logging information from. Connecting the TX pin will display information from the Ardulog but it is not necessary to connect this pin.

So, for instance to log data from a gps unit, connect GND and 5V to power, then connect the RX pin to the TX output pin from the GPS.

If you wish to log Analog inputs or to connect to I2C and SPI devices, the Ardulog Arduino code is easily modified. Be aware that as the Ardulog board runs at 3.3V, the maximum analog voltage it can measure is 3.3V. Higher inputs will need to be scaled down using a resistor divider.


The ArduLog Data Logger comes with the Arduino UNO bootloader installed so you can program it just like any Arduino Uno. We offer it either with a copy of the Sparkfun Openlog software installed or with a copy of our own Data Logging software installed.

The Ardulog software is much simpler and has less features than the Openlog software, but it is also half the size and much easier to understand. This leaves plenty of programming space for your own modifications and additions. As it stands, our software is ideal for logging GPS data in an RC model, but can be easily modified to measure analog voltages or connect to I2C and SPI devices.

The Ardulog software has no command mode, it's setup is controlled completely by a config file on the microSD card (config.txt). This config file contains two pieces of information, the baud rate setting and a log filename prefix. Comments can be added to the config file and an example is shown below

	// Config file for Ardulog
	BAUD  4800   // Baud rate for GPS
	FILE  LOG    // file name prefix
	// end of file

Ardulog reads this file at bootup, sets the baud rate and opens a log file which consists of the filename prefix and a sequence number. The sequence number is incremented automatically at each bootup




Ardulog Schematic V3
Ardulog V3 Software Download
Latest Openlog Code
How to Install Openlog software the easy way


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ArduLog Data Logger V3
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ArduLog Data Logger V3
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ArduLog Data Logger V3
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ArduLog Data Logger V3
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