ATmega644 with Arduino Bootloader

ATmega644 with Arduino Bootloader
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ATmega644 with Arduino Bootloader

We all love the Arduino, but there are only 2 main flavours of Arduino chips

  • The ATmega328 with 28 pins in a DIP package
  • The ATmega2560 with 100 pins in a surface mount package only

Well, there is an alternative that sits right in the middle for those who want more pins than the ATmega328 and also want the DIP package. The ATmega644 is a 40 pin DIP chip that is available with an Arduino bootloader and support for the Arduino code via the Sanguino libraries.

Here is the pinout for the ATmega644P chip for Arduino.

sanguino atmega644 pinout

Microcontroller Info

  • IC, 8BIT MCU, 64K FLASH, 5V, PDIP40
  • Controller Family/Series:AVR MEGA
  • Core Size:8bit
  • No. of I/O's:32
  • Program Memory Size:64KB
  • EEPROM Memory Size:2KB
  • RAM Memory Size:4KB
  • CPU Speed:20MHz
  • Oscillator Type:External, Internal
  • No. of Timers:3
  • Peripherals:ADC, Comparator
  • No. of PWM Channels:6
  • Digital IC Case Style:PDIP
  • Supply Voltage Range:2.7V to 5.5V
  • Interface:JTAG, SPI, USART, 2-Wire
  • Interface Type:JTAG, SPI, USART


ATmega644P Datasheet
Download Sanguino Arduino Library


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ATmega644 with Arduino Bootloader
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ATmega644 with Arduino Bootloader
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