Setting up the HT Bluetooth Module within Windows 7

Setting up the HT Bluetooth Module within Windows 7

This is a quick tutorial to show you how to setup the HT Bluetooth Module for use as a serial data connection in Windows 7. This tutorial should be similar for the other bluetooth modules on our website.

We assume you have a working bluetooth dongle (or built in bluetooth) on your PC.

We are going to do a simple loopback test on the Bluetooth module so that what we type in a terminal program is simply sent back to us via the bluetooth module.

To do this, connect power to the +5V and 0V connections on the bluetooth module and also connect the TX pin to the RX pin as in the diagram below.

The led should be flashing.

Bluetooth Loopback

Once you have done that, start by right clicking the Bluetooth Icon in the System Tray and select "Bluetooth Devices" to bring up the Bluetooth Devices location

bluetooth devices

Click on the "Add a Device" button and windows will search for active bluetooth devices. It should bring up the following bluetooth device.


add a bluetooth device

Select linvor and click Next

You will be asked to select a pairing option. Select the option "Enter the device's pairing code"

Bluetooth Pairing

When prompted, enter the code 1234 (Other bluetooth modules may have different codes)

The device should now be successfully added to the computer


Click "Close" to return to the Bluetooth Devices list.

Right Click on the linvor device and select "Properties"

list of devices

Click on the Services Tab and you should see the Serial Port service along with a port number

Bluetooth Services

Open up your favourite terminal program (we have used TeraTerm) and change your port to the one that was shown.

Set the Baud Rate to 9600 (Assuming you havn't changed it, this is the default for this module. Other modules may have different defaults)

Post settings

Select OK and your PC should make a connection to the Bluetooth Module. The LED should stop flashing and be on permanently.

Start typing some text. If what you type appears on screen, then it is all working and the bluetooth adapter is returning the characters you type back to you

working bluetooth