• HT Comm - Serial Port Terminal Program

HT Comm - Serial Port Terminal Program

This is a simple Serial Port Terminal Program that allows you to send text strings via a serial connection to an attached device. It is similar to the Serial Monitor that is part of the Arduino IDE.

It came about because there are a number of devices that need to be configured by a serial connection but act on the command sent based on a timeout (commonly 1 second) rather than a carriage return character. These sorts of devices include bluetooth modules.

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Click Here to Download V1.20

As it is virtually impossible to type a command of say 10 characters within the 1 second, we needed a program where you could pre-type the command and then send it. The Arduino Serial Monitor works this way. We tried to find a program on the internet, but they all came up short in some respect. The popular Brays Terminal for instance wouldn't list some of the higher numbered serial ports on our PC.

So we wrote our own. You can download it and use it free.

The border is resizeable and all the controls will shrink or expand automatically to fit the new screen size. This is handy if you want just a small screen

Control Characters

Ascii characters that you cannot type on a keyboard can be entered by enclosing the ascii character value in a pair of backquote characters ` (not the single quote ' )

E.g. To send the TAB character followed by "Hello" you can enter


The ascii character can be expressed in hex or decimal so the following formats are accepted

`0x0d`  `0x0D`  `13`

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HT Comm - Serial Port Terminal Program

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