LED Light Bar - White (SMD)

Want to make a 12 ft GPS wall clock? This is the perfect item to light it up! Even if that's not the project you are looking to build, these light bars pack quite a bit of light into three small white LED's and they are very easy to set up with no soldering required.

The white LED Light Bar is a pre-packaged strip of 3 high-output LEDs powered by 12VDC. Each unit comes with a fully assembled and tested PCB with current limiting resistors, a wall-mount holder and peel-away sticky foam backing, and polarized connection cables. Each LED Light Bar absorbs approximately 55mA @ 12V.


  • 12V DC @ 55mA
  • Power wires at both ends so modules can be daisy chained easily
  • 3.6x 0.59" (92x15mm)
  • Mounting Hole OD is 0.15" (3.8mm)


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LED Light Bar - White (SMD)

  • Manufacturer: SparkFun
  • Product Code: COM-12014
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