Power Distribution Bus - solid brass

Adafruit Power Distribution Bus - solid brass
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Manufacturer: Adafruit
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Power Distribution Bus - solid brass

Imagine terminal blocks that are cut out of one solid piece of brass, designed to distribute power. Well, that's what we have here! These machined bus bars are for when you want to distribute power through a project, we think they are ideal for robots and LED pixel grids where you have tons of current and a lot of loose wiring to control.

Each bus has 7 x 6mm diameter holes bored out of a chunk of brass. There are screws that can cinch down any number of wires. Since its meant for power distribution, the wires should be 20 AWG or larger (thinner wires will slip out).

A nice touch on these is the plastic covering which provides a little isolation from the outside world, and mounting flanges.

Current Capacity

We don't have exact specifications for current carrying capability but we measured the thinnest connection points between terminals (top and bottom) and this gave us an equivalent cable diameter of 4mm. Based on the AWG charts for current carrying capacity for copper this gives a max current of approx 95 Amps. Now these are made of brass not copper and brass has approx 2.26x the resistance of copper, so applying this factor, these bus bars should be good for approx 40Amps.


  • Dimensions (including plastic flange): 83mm x 29mm x 11mm
  • Mounting hole diameter: 4.5mm
  • Mounting hole distance: 73mm


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Power Distribution Bus - solid brass
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Power Distribution Bus - solid brass
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