Remote Control and data exchange via SMS Text Message

Remote Control and data exchange via SMS Text Message

Remote Control and data exchange via SMS Text Message


SMS Text Message

With the advent of cheap Pay as you Go sims where text messages only cost a couple of pence and the low cost and availability of USB GPRS Modems, you can easily put together a working system to control devices and/or receive information updates.

Typical Uses include

  • Alarm System - Send an SMS Text Message to your mobile phone if an alarm is tripped
  • Remote control of Central Heating Systems and other appliances
  • Remote monitoring of equipment
  • Remote GPS Tracking: Use with a GPS to obtain current location either continually or on request (Lost your Drone?)

In this project we are going to put together a basic working system which simply turns on or off an LED by sending and SMS message with a command. The system responds by sending an acknowledgement sms message back to the sender.

While this is a simple system, it is easily scalable with the use of a relay board to control mains powered systems like hot water and central heating systems.

In this project we are going to use the following items

Sierra Wireless 885 GPS Modem
USB Host V2.4 Board
USB Host Board
USB Host 2.4 Board with modem software installed

USB Host 2.4 Board

USB Host Modem Software
Arduino UNO
Arduino UNO
Arduino UNO

You can use any Arduino based board as our example code is for Arduino based boards
PAYG Sim Card
Three SIM
Pay as you go Sim from Three

We chose a PAYG sim card from operator Three for one major reason - the balance doesn't expire after 1 month.

Many PAYG sim suppliers expire the balance after 1 month so you need to constantly top up.


Wiring the USB Host board to the UNO is straightforward. The connections required are as follows

  UNO             USB Host
  5V                5V
  GND               0V
  RX (0)            TX
  TX (1)            RX

Wiring Diagram


You can turn the led on and off by sending the following text messages to the unit

led on

led off

commands are all lowercase


Example Arduino code

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