12 Channel Servo Controller IC

HobbyTronics 12 Channel Servo Controller IC
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12 Channel Servo Controller IC - We have programmed a microcontroller to act as a slave servo controller which can individually generate 12 pwm output channels suitable for driving servos (or speed controllers which use servo signals). Data is easily sent to this slave device via the I2C protocol.

Many microcontroller projects involve the use of external servos for mechanical control, robotics and in continuous rotation mode for driving wheels. Servos typically require the use of one of the pulse width modulation (PWM) channels in the microcontroller. But microcontrollers usually have only a handful of PWM outputs, and sometimes this is not enough for the project in hand.

This is a great value option for controlling up to 12 servos. Easy to use on a breadboard or integrated into your own PCB design.

Servo Controller IC Modes

There are now two modes of operation for our 12 Channel Servo Controller IC: Standard and Extended

  • Standard mode sends pwm signals that vary between 1ms and 2ms. This is the norm for radio control models and allows the servo to rotate through approx 90 degrees
  • Extended mode sends pwm signals that vary between 0.6ms and 2.4ms. This allows most servos to rotate through almost 180 degrees and is more useful in robotics projects.

The default mode is extended

For each output channel a pulse of duration between 1ms (0.6ms extended) and 2ms (2.4ms extended) is generated at 20ms intervals (50Hz)

No additional components are required as it has its own built in oscillator clock circuit.

  • 12 Servo output channels (SERVO0 through SERVO11)
  • I2C interface
  • Configurable Slave Address allows up to 8 units to be added to your project (Up to 96 servos)
  • 64MHz Clock Speed for accurate pwm generation
  • 5V or 3.3V operation (If operating at 3.3V, the servos will still require a 5V supply)

Slave servo controller pinout

Documents relating to the 12 Channel Servo Controller IC

12 Channel Servo Controller IC Datasheet
Arduino Sketch to control servos


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12 Channel Servo Controller IC
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12 Channel Servo Controller IC
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