Teensy 3.2

Availability Note: Product currently out of stock with the manufacturer due to the global chip shortage. Estimated availability of additional stock not before early 2023.

Teensy 3.2 is a direct, 100% compatible replacement for Teensy 3.1. It is fully compatible with all shields and add-on boards made for Teensy 3.1

The main change is an improved 3.3V regulator, to allow Teensy to directly power ESP8266 Wifi, WIZ820io (W5200) Ethernet, and other power-hungry 3.3V devices.

The Teensy 3.2's power output is specified at 250 mA and the maximum voltage input at 6 volts, due to PCB thermal dissipation limits. However, the actual regulator chip is capable of up to 10 volts input, and up to 500 mA output. These higher limits are intended to allow Teensy 3.2 to be more rugged when used with non-USB power sources which aren't well regulated 5 volt sources.

The Teensy breadboard-friendly development board with loads of features in a, well, teensy package. The Teensy 3.2 brings a 32 bit ARM Cortex microprocessor into the mix so you can do some serious number crunching.

The Teensy 3.2 comes pre-flashed with a bootloader so you can program it using the on-board USB micro-B connector. No external programmer needed! You can program for the Teensy in your favourite program editor using C or you can install the Teensyduino add-on for the Arduino IDE and write Arduino sketches for Teensy!

Teensy 3.2 has the same size, shape & pinout; is compatible with code written for Teensy 3.0/3.1, and is well supported on the Arduino IDE using Teensyduino.

The processor on the Teensy also has access to the USB and can emulate any kind of USB device you need it to be, making it great for USB-MIDI and other HID projects. The 32 bit processor brings a few other features to the table as well, such as multiple channels of Direct Memory Access, several high-resolution ADCs and even an I2S digital audio interface! There are also 4 separate interval timers plus a delay timer! Oh yeah, and all pins have interrupt capability. Also, it can provide system voltage of 3.3V to other devices at up to 100mA.

All of this functionality is jammed into a 1.4 x 0.7 inch board with all headers on a 0.1" grid so you can slap in on a breadboard and get to work!

The product is supplied without headers, so if you need some, please have a look at the 'Related Products' tab above.

We are an official UK distributor for the Teensy range so you can be assured of the quality.


  • 32 bit ARM Cortex-M4 72 MHz CPU (M4 = DSP extensions)
  • 256K Flash Memory, 64K RAM, 2K EEPROM
  • 21 High Resolution Analog Inputs (13 bits usable, 16 bit hardware)
  • 1x 12 bit DAC Analog output
  • 34 Digital I/O Pins (16 shared with analog)
  • 12 PWM outputs
  • 7 Timers for intervals/delays, separate from PWM
  • USB with dedicated DMA memory transfers
  • 3 UARTs (serial ports)
  • SPI, 2x I2C, I2S, IR modulator
  • I2S (for high quality audio interface)
  • CAN Bus
  • Real Time Clock (with user-added 32.768 crystal and battery)
  • 16 general purpose DMA channels (separate from USB)
  • Touch Sensor Inputs
  • Micro-USB connector
  • Dimensions: 1.4 x 0.7" (~35 x 18 mm)

Here are the highlights for Teensy 3.2

Large Memory For Awesome Projects

64K RAM. While 16K is plenty for nearly all Arduino libraries, 64K allows for more advanced applications. Icons and graphics for color displays and audio effects requiring delays, like reverb and chorus, will become possible on Teensy 3.2.

256K Flash program memory.

5 Volt Tolerance on Digital Inputs

Today most new chips use 3.3V signals, but many legacy products output 5 volt digital signals. These can now be directly connected to Teensy 3.2's digital inputs.

All digital pins are 5 volt tolerant on Teensy 3.2. However, the analog-only pins (A10-A14), AREF, Program and Reset are 3.3V only.

12 Bit Analog Output

Teensy 3.2 has a proper analog output. You can always filter PWM, but true analog output responds rapidly. The output is created by the stable reference voltage, so it's doesn't vary if your power supply voltage changes slightly.

// Simple DAC sine wave test on Teensy 3.1

float phase = 0.0;
float twopi = 3.14159 * 2;
elapsedMicros usec = 0;

void setup() {

void loop() {
  float val = sin(phase) * 2000.0 + 2050.0;
  analogWrite(A14, (int)val);
  phase = phase + 0.02;
  if (phase >= twopi) phase = 0;
  while (usec < 500) ; // wait
  usec = usec - 500;

Simply use analogWrite() on the A14 pin for true analog output.

Teensy DAC Analog output

Two Analog to Digital Converters

With analogRead(), you can measure many signals, but only 1 at a time. Teensy 3.2 has a second ADC, so you can concurrently measure 2 analog signals. For stereo audio or power monitoring, sampling both left and right, or voltage and current at the same moment is very beneficial.

PJRC is developing an advanced analog read function for Arduino, to make using these new analog input capabilities very easy.


Controller Area Network is a communication used in automobiles. A new library to support Teensy 3.2's CAN controller is planned.

Technical Specifications

Feature Teensy 3.2 Units
    Rated Speed

Flash Memory
RAM 64 kbytes
EEPROM 2 kbytes
Direct Memory Access 16 Channels
Digital I/O
    Voltage Output
    Voltage Input
5V Tolerant
Analog Input
        Prog Gain Amp
    Touch Sensing


Analog Output
    DAC Resolution
    FTM Type
        PWM Outputs
    PDB Type
    CMT (infrared) Type
    LPTMR Type
    PIT (interval) Type
    RTC (date/time) **
12 Total

        With FIFOs
        High Res Baud
        Fast Clock
        With FIFOs
    CAN Bus
    I2S Audio
        FIFO Size

** RTC requires a 32.768 kHz crystal & 3V battery.


Teensy 3.2 is meant to be a drop-in replacement for Teensy 3.0/3.1. Only 1 pin has different functionality from Teensy 3.0. The reset pin was replaced by A14/DAC, which you can use for true analog output, or as another analog input.


Teensy 3.1 Pinout Front


Teensy 3.1 Pinout Back



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Teensy 3.2

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