As a VAT registered company in the UK, we are required to charge VAT on all orders with the following exceptions:


Delivery outside the European Union (EU)

Orders placed which are to be delivered to countries that are not part of the European Union are exempt from paying VAT.

You will see VAT added to your shopping basket, however when you select a delivery address that is not in the EU, the VAT will be removed from your basket. This happens before you make payment and is automatic.


VAT Registered Companies within the EU (none UK companies)

If you have a VAT registered company within the EU (excluding UK) then you do not need to pay VAT.

For this to happen automatically every time you place an order, you must create an account with us.

  • Click on the Account tab and select Register Account to create an account

Once you have created an account you should email us with your VAT number requesting that we update your account details.

After we have validated your VAT number, we will update your account details so you no longer have to pay VAT every time you order.


UK VAT Exempt Companies

Some companies in the UK have a VAT exemption for goods bought for specific purposes. For example: Medical Research

To get your order exempt from VAT we will need a copy of your VAT exemption certificate.


VAT Invoices

We always send an invoice with your order, unless you add a comment that it is a present.

If you have made an account on our website, you can also access an electronic copy of the invoice. Login and:

  • Go to 'My Account' and click on 'View your order history'
  • Click the [View] button for the order required order
  • Click [Print Invoice]. You can now print this page.

If you haven't created an account and need a copy invoice, please email us with the order number to ''.

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